Luke Foster

Luke is outgoing and friendly, thriving when surrounded by people he cares about. Luke is a published author of an adventure novel, and he works as Event Coordinator at Shocco Springs Conference Center in Talladega, AL.

He likes reading, writing, listening to, watching, or going on new adventures, trying new foods and learning about other places and cultures, fellowship with his close friends who are like brothers and sisters, and talking about Kaleo.

Luke's favorite thing about Melody is that he can be himself and she loves the real him. He also loves that she makes him grow to be a better man and follower of Jesus, and that she is adventurous. 

In marriage, Luke is most excited about loving Melody and Jesus more each day, and creating a family where kids can be loved, love Jesus, and chase dreams.

Melody Brickhouse Foster

Melody is a free spirit, working in the hands-on world of photo and video production. She is Media Coordinator for The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, AL, and a freelance creative under the moniker Sweet Light Imaging.

She enjoys acoustic indie/folk music, black coffee, baking (occasionally posting recipes here on our blog), long days kayaking the river with her dog Mayer (named after John Mayer), and she could eat Mexican food every day.

Melody's favorite things about Luke: his desire for travel and adventure, his childlike goofiness, and the way he creates an atmosphere of attentiveness to the Spirit in their relationship. 

In marriage, Melody most looks forward to being a hospitable wife - seeing their new home become a place where community's roots grow deep, laughter and good food are abundant, and folks sit and stay awhile.