Things people ask a new bride

Things people ask a new bride


How did he propose? Yesterday (2/3/18) under a waterfall! Read my next post for the full story.

Were you surprised? Yes and no. I originally thought he would propose on New Years Eve. So, it being February, I thought it would be coming soon but was actually trying reeeally hard not to get myself too psyched about it again. (I dressed cute just in case.) Luke was acting more awkward that usual but I dismissed it and convinced myself that it was going to be an awesome adventure day together regardless. It was, of course, and so much more.

Where did he get the ring? HLSK, a jeweler from Australia. I picked it out months ago when Luke had asked for an idea of what I would like. We highly recommend HLSK. I absolutely adore the ring - and he loves the fact that it's international.

Have you set a date? A location? November 17, 2018. Probably at Shocco Springs - outdoor in the afternoon.

Have you chosen your bridesmaids? Are you having a bachelorette party? We won't be having a bridal party at all - to keep things simple. I probably won't have a bachelorette party, but we will be having some awesome activities on the Friday before the wedding - and everyone is invited to come in early to celebrate.

Do you have a Pinterest board? Yep. Link here.

Have you chosen your dress/colors/flowers? Dress, no. Colors and flowers - yes, mostly. See Pinterest board.

Are you going to have a baby right away, or wait? We plan to wait at least a year into marriage. But we both want to be parents quite badly. So, we'll see.

Are you changing your name? Yep. Get in your last few Brickhouse jokes before it's too late.

Where is the honeymoon? Italy, probably!

Follow along here on the blog for more updates. Can't wait to have this adventure with you all. We're pretty dang stoked.

Proposal Story

Proposal Story