Proposal Story

Proposal Story


We met September 14, 2015. It was early autumn in Talladega, Alabama. Luke had been working as an Event Coordinator at Shocco Springs for about two years.

It was my first day of work there.

Over the next few weeks Luke would occasionally be tasked with training the new girl. We talked about his upcoming trip to London and found out we have a mutual love for all things C.S. Lewis.

About a month later, on the day that Luke left for London (October 31, 2015), he asked me to Custom Pizza in Talladega - our first date.

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The next and longest chapter was spent learning each other. So many road trips were taken. I got a dog. Holidays were celebrated, new traditions formed between us, our families were introduced, I was accepted by all of Luke’s friend groups, and my two brothers didn’t kill him. After a while we began to realize that this could be for real. In February of 2016, I moved to Birmingham to begin working as Media Coordinator for The Church at Brook Hills with Luke’s full support. (He actually was the one who got my future boss’ email address while I hid in the bathroom.)

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Two years later, on February 3rd, 2018, we hiked down under Noccalula Falls with the dog and the camera. I grew up coming to Noccalula with my family each Christmas, so it was already a special place for us. It was cold so Luke let me borrow his jacket. I brought hot Piper and Leaf tea and some strawberry pie I'd made the day before. I was taking photos of the waterfall and Luke said, "Hey, take photos of me until I tell you to stop." My pulse nearly flatlined when I guessed what was about to happen. He pulled a beautiful little black box out of his pocket. What he said next neither of us will ever completely remember, but it ended with, "Will you marry me?" I had a big goofy smile and we both had tears. Obviously, I said yes and he put the ring on my finger. After coffee and some food, our parents were called, who all already knew why they were getting phone calls. 

We're now seeking to lean on Christ more than ever before - reading the bible over the phone during lunch breaks, praying together and asking God for lots of help. We're walking through this engagement excited beyond measure about what's on the other side of November 17th. We're excited about marriage, folks. We're looking forward to coming home to each other at night and opening our new home to friends and family. More than the most epic wedding or the fanciest invitations, we're deeply longing to begin our life together.

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We're planning a simple, folky ceremony at sunset by the water and then a campfire reception under the stars. We want to be silly, alive, down-to-earth, and fully present with you. Weather permitting, this will be an outdoor celebration in late autumn, so remember to dress accordingly. (Time to break out that corduroy and flannel.)

Check out the full schedule for the weekend as well as helpful info including useful details for folks traveling from out of town.

In the spirit of simplicity, it's just going to be the two of us up front with the officiant - no bridal party. Besides, Luke would've had like 28 groomsmen if he had to choose. (You know who you are.)

We can't wait for you to join our adventure. Laugh a lot, dance to some great music, and help us remember this day forever.

/// shocco

Legend says that many years ago, natives called this area "The Gathering Place." Established in 1910, Shocco Springs is a Christian camp and conference center with deep history - tucked away in the rolling hills and woodlands of central Alabama.

You don't have to talk to Luke for very long before you realize he is a camp guy through-and-through. (Kaleo stories, anyone?) And Melody's family worked at Shocco for three generations.

We decided to host our celebration at Shocco because we met and fell in love here - and these epic natural surroundings were the backdrop. We're giddy with anticipation for the gathering of our friends and family from around the country - traveling from near and far to reunite in the place we fell in love.

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