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Engagement Photos with Abigail Grey

Engagement Photos with Abigail Grey


Luke and I never remember to take photos together. So after seven months of engagement, our faces have finally made it to our website.

Here are favorites from our Chattanooga session with the lovely and talented Abby Whisler of Abigail Grey Photography. She helped us cut loose and have fun, even on a bonkers hot August day in the South.

I’m behind the camera on a daily/weekly basis between Brook Hills and Sweet Light so I got a fresh perspective on the other side for a change.

Shoutout to #mayertheaussiemutt for being a good dog.

Here’s Abby’s insta if you want to stalk her like I do and fill your feed with serenity and impeccable taste.

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Defining "Foster"

Musings on: "Reacquainting daily"

Musings on: "Reacquainting daily"