For everything

For everything

Originally written March 25, 2016. Photos taken by Melody on 35mm film.


I love how seasons always catch me off guard.

I love how no matter how many autumns you’ve had, that first crunchy leaf still takes you by surprise.

And how that first warm breeze makes you roll the windows down and stretch out your hands.

I love the way kids run in the sprinklers in the summers with soggy dogs right in the mix.

And somewhere, always, as long as there is winter, a man will pull his lady close, shielding her from the cold.

And though children grow and houses change, Christmases shift and constantly transition–magic, though different, remains.

May time trudge in slow motion during the happiest ordinary moments.

May there always be porches for gazing,

Rich conversations to be had,

Few mosquitos to be swatted and many burgers to grill,

Music to be played and friendships to be kindled,

Holidays to ring in with various legal explosives,

Campfires through cold and warm

Showing kindness in our eyes for friends and lovers.

May there always be a child around who keeps them laughing.

May there be smiles and side-splitting laughter.

May they tell that one story over, and over, and over–

Especially the one that embarrasses you.

May they pull you from your comfort zone and make you better.

And though the faces around the fire may change,

Though the porch swing host many in its time,

Let them keep coming.

Let them continue to gather

In every season and for no particular reason at all.

The Table

The Table

Orange Rolls for Two

Orange Rolls for Two