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Simple Pear Cake

My grandmother lives on the river and she has a pear tree that produces abundantly in these in-between days of late summer and early fall. This year I asked for a few pears and received more than I could carry.

An Ode to Strawberry Shortcake (and Bisquick)

Happy Memorial Day weekend to you all. Can we talk about the cartons of strawberries that are cheap and delicious and everywhere? We’re all about local and in-season foods. Also, I’m having a moment with Bisquick. I’m not really sure how I made it this far in life without truly appreciating the American innovation.

Orange Rolls for Two

This is the “Quick Orange-Walnut Sweet Roll” recipe from the Magnolia Table cookbook. I edited it down for just two people quite frankly because I got tired of zesting oranges. But, hello, these are the best darned orange rolls I’ve ever had.

Maple Molasses Cookies

The exact words written next to this recipe in my notebook are, "ABSAFREAKING PHENOMENAL," and two large hearts. These are soft cookies with a ginger kick, infused with molasses and rolled in sugar. I had eight the first night I made them during Snowpocalype 2017. #diabeetus.